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    • Hydrocyclones (Sand Separators) and Sedimentation Tanks
    • Draw Bands
    • High Pressure Valves
    • Underground High Pressure Elbows and Tees
    • Line Valves, Steel and Aluminum, with Heavy Duty Butterfly
    • Ell Valve Openers
    • Steel Ring-lock Fittings
    • Bolted Compression Couplers, PIP, IPS and OD
    • Well Seals, Standard and Inverted
    • Cooling Coils / Heat Exchangers
    • Grooved Sight Check Valves and Couplers
    • Grooved Fittings
    • Flanged Fittings
    • PIP Fittings
    • Aluminum Repair Splicers, Elbows, Tees and Crosses
    • Swing Check Valves
    • Chemigation Valves
    • Gaskets
    • Aluminum Surface Fittings
    • Many Other Items

Click on the Images Below for More Information:
Bartos Swing Check Valve
Bartos Chemigation Check Valve
PIP Bolted Compression Coupler
45 & 90 Ring Lock Elbow
Female & Male Ringlock Hose Connectors
High Pressure Valves
Ell Valve Opener
PVC Fittings (SCH 80)
Aluminum Line Valve
Bartos Line Valve
Bartos Line Valve - Ringlock Style
Steel Draw Band
Steel Grooved Nipple
Hydrocyclone Sand Separators & Tanks
Hydrocyclone Sand Separators & Tanks with Manifolds
PIP Double Repair Coupler with Zinc-E
Aluminum 45 & 90 Degree Elbows
High Pressure Aluminum Elbows
High Pressure Aluminum Tees
Aluminum Hose Barb Splicers
Aluminum Hose Barb Cross
Aluminum Hose Barb Elbow
Aluminum Hose Barb Tee
Aluminum Hose Barb Reducing Splicer
PIP Starter Coupler
Grooved Sight Check Valve
Heat Exchanger (Cooling Coils)


• Custom Rubber Molding • Custom Fabrication Services
• Specialty Fittings
• Custom Design and Production

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