Manufactured Exclusively in the USA Since 1956

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    • Hydrocyclones (Sand Separators) and Sedimentation Tanks
    • Draw Bands
    • High Pressure Valves
    • Underground High Pressure Elbows and Tees
    • Line Valves, Steel and Aluminum, with Heavy Duty Butterfly
    • Ell Valve Openers
    • Steel Ringlock Fittings
    • Bolted Compression Couplers, PIP, IPS and OD
    • Well Seals, Standard and Inverted
    • Cooling Coils / Heat Exchangers
    • Grooved Sight Check Valves and Couplers
    • Grooved Fittings
    • Flanged Fittings
    • PIP Fittings
    • Aluminum & Steel Repair Splicers, Elbows, Tees and Crosses
    • Swing Check Valves
    • Chemigation Valves
    • Gaskets
    • Rubber Molded Pump Shrouds
    • Aluminum Surface Fittings
    • Custom Fabrication Capabilities to Fit Your Needs


• Custom Rubber Molding • Custom Fabrication Services
• Specialty Fittings
• Custom Design and Production

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